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Leaf Magic Lamps


At last I have found a way to demonstrate the translucent qualities of some of my Leaf Magic prints.
Not all prints allow light to shine through the colours, but when they do, the result is spectacular.

These lamps are 30cm high overall with the shade 14cm
The 185gsm watercolour paper print is reinforced each end before holes are punched
to enable it to be laced at the back. I use LED globes which are energy efficient
and the shade remains cool.

Leaf lamp 1108_unlit


Leaf lamp 1108_lit

Leaf lamp 1112_unlit

Leaf lamp 1112_lit

Leaf lamp 1116_unlit

Leaf lamp 1116_lit

Leaf lamp 1122_unlit


Leaf lamp 1122_lit
A selection of Leaf Magic lamps will be available for sale as Yarra Valley Open Studio 2019
On Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 September