Third Edition

The Story of Australian Horsesports
The 'dynamic duo' of Julie Wilson and Anna Sharpley has, over the past few years, established an Australia wide annual trek to photograph and write articles on an amazing variety of equestrian events. It seemed a natural progression to endeavour to collate their collected material into book form.
Julie Wilson has gained an enviable reputation as Australia's foremost equestrian photographer and a book would be a splendid opportunity to add photos of a more unusual nature to those that she would normally provide for her regular clients.
Anna Sharpley has for many years been a prolific contributor to equestrian publications both in Australia and overseas. Accompanying Julie around the myriad of equestrian events Australia wide she has the perfect opportunity to keep her trusty little computer well supplied with words for the Australian Horsesports book.
Jon and Cecilia Sharpley complete the Australian Horsesports team. Jon edits the text and wrestles with the logistics of fitting text and photos into the available spaces. Cecilia types up the results, compiles the Results Section and maintains the website.