'approaching art from a new direction'

Original Artworks created by the MAPs team

On this page we display some samples from our packs of Miniature Masterpieces.
Each one is an original artwork, mounted on black, and being unique, cannot be duplicated.
The sizes of these Miniature Masterpieces vary between 2.5cm x 7cm and 6cm x 8cm

Our Masterpieces are packaged in harmonious colours. Preferences can be requested.

click here to view sample packages

Available from John Neal at the Celebration Conference, Ohio, USA
or can be ordered direct from MAPs

Price in Australia $5 plus $1 postage and handling (if applicable)

Australian orders: Cheque/Money Order can be mailed to
Cecilia Sharpley at
33 Chum Creek Road, Healesville
International orders: applicants email Karen Ter Haar for details
prior to ordering

The MAPs Team publishes its first book
'Simple Lettering' for Scrapbooks and Journals

photos and ordering details