Great Sadness
1 October 2003

I am unable to find adequate words with which to express our sadness
as I write of the sudden death of my mother, Beatrice, on the evening of 3 September 2003.

Mum shared our dream and joy in the adventure of creating a new home at The Duckpond,
and it is hard to face the knowledge that she will not now occupy the special part that was being built for her.

The part of the house which was to be her home will now become a shared family space,
and we feel she would be happy to know this is our aim.
The exact nature of the plan will gradually evolve as the building continues.

For distant family and friends, here are a few recent photos of Mum.

beatrice and her camera
No one was safe from the paparazzi once she was given her very own digital camera!

beatrice on phone to tim
Talking to Tim in London on Christmas Eve 2002

beatrice at Cockatoo Cafe
Mum enjoyed countless music nights at the Cockatoo Cafe, Dunolly.
Could it have been the copious bottles of good red?

It just wouldn't have been a roast dinner without Mum in her permanently reserved seat!

beatrice at her email
She even enjoyed coming to terms with a bit of mouse wrangling at the computer!

beatrice 90th birthday
Listening to her family and friends' speeches at her 90th birthday in February 2003

beatrice birthday cake
The 90 candles (in their purpose-built holder) almost started a bushfire

beatrice flowers from heidi
With flowers from her grandaughter Heidi - 30 August 2003

beatrice's beloved beetle
Mum's beloved beetle (which she was still driving the day before she died)
was given a place of honour at the Celebration of her life held on 17 September 2003.

Mum/Beatrice will be accompanying us in spirit as we continue our Duckpond adventure.

Beatrice's Slides - Scanned January 2011

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