Beatrice's Scanned Slides
January 2011

These slides were among Mum’s things we brought over to The Duckpond.

I bought a new scanner so I could scan them and see what treasures would be unearthed.
Unfortunately the nifty little scanner I selected couldn’t scan mounted trannies,
so I removed them all from their mounts and can hopefully find replacement mounts in order to
restore them to their original condition!

The slides are seen here in chronological order, on four separate pages.

Page 1

Mum preparing for Philip's 21st birthday party, which was held at Rhodo Den.
Please ignore the underarm split!
From the amount of goodies on the table, she’d been hard at work all day.

Not sure if this was a tranquil moment before the party
or a “thank goodness that’s over” photo

Philip being given the key to the door.

I think that’s Anna’s back - but don’t know the others.

Heidi and I (Cecilia) in my favourite red skirt and the boots I still have!

Philip, Anna and Heidi

Heidi and Tim playing on the old tank stand
(the tank itself was a casualty of the 1961 bushfires - along with the laundry and our only toilet)

Heidi up a tree

Tim in his ‘Ella stance’

Heidi and Tim anticipating a bit of digging.

still thinking about it.

Heidi and Anna (in her beautifully ironed Girl Guide shirt I think)

and again

Anna succumbs to Heidi’s wrestling tactics.

Heidi in the garden at Boxtree Road

Heidi picking flowers

My dog Sara - the fastest dog in the street - with only three legs!

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