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Our cat Hiwi (short for Ďhe we hopeí - which he was) keeping a close eye on Dadís two ducks

Same again

Still watching those pesky ducks

Dadís pond - the first of two.

The pond

The garden at Rhodo Den

Dadís well tended lawn

The lemon tree - provider of much lemon curd for Teresa and lemon cakes for the whole family

Dad taking Looby for a walk down Sheffield Road

Dad and Looby

Heidiís sheep Alfie in the paddock which later became the site of the house Ď
Down the Garden Pathí - my home until moving to The Duckpond.

Heidi and Tim with Alfie and Dadís goat.

Same again plus a rather timid Looby

Me (Cecilia) with Mr Moses and Looby Lu

Teresa with Mark, Andrew and Stuart - Actoal Drive

Teresa and Andrew

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