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One of Dadís garden beds

The pond with surrounding garden bed.
The size of the waterlily leaves indicate the size of the giant tadpoles living there.

Alfie and the goat

Tim escaping from the stable.
(This was a chook house until it was burnt down in the bushfires

Dadís well manicured and lovingly tended garden.
No wonder it was always so hard to get him out of it.

The rear of the house

Mum just in shot pulling out weeds, Dad in the garage and my dog Sunny.

The rhododendrons were what saved the main part of the house from the fires.


Rhodo Den
Dadís immaculately weeded driveway.

Dad with wheelbarrow outside the garage.

The laundry and outside toilet

One of Dadís many rose beds
- and many more followed!

The house from the other side.

Heidi on the verandah at Boxtree Road


Actually I think it was ĎHeidi in smart new dressí

A sort of 'beauty but not much brain' sort of dog.

and again

Well -that's it! Hope you enjoyed revisiting Rhodo Den.

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